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Accident Repairs

With our years of experience we have carried out almost all kinds of damage repair. We take the same care and consideration of all every project regardless of whether we're working on a super yacht or a dinghy.

We don't just carry out the repairs, we offer a complete invisible repair service, taking the time to match the newly applied surface to the existing.


We often carry out gel coat refurbishments. The resurfacing of the gel coat removes imperfections and leaves your vessel looking like new.

We can also remodel areas of your vessel using custom mouldings and other techniques that we specialise in - we'd be happy to talk to you about your requirements.


Anything from small adjustments to breathing new life into an old vessel. A popular service we provide is the fitting of Bow Thrusters.

Our services are so diverse it really is worth a chat, no matter how unique your requirements.

Castings and Mouldings

We can make plugs and moulds for any product you can imagine and sometimes we can keep the cost down with a cheap one-off mould if it's a short run of products. If your creation is being painted, the surface doesn't have to be as perfect as a gel coat surface and we could possibly use body filler on anything that is not marine - another cost-saving option. Please get in contact if you need something manufactured in fibreglass.

Some of the highlights and services we provide
  • We're insured up to £5million

  • We undertaken structural and cosmetic repairs

  • We provide a full colour-matching service

  • We are completely mobile - no matter where in the world you're based

  • We offer hull/deck rebuilding

  • We offer polishing

  • We can fit bow/stern thrusters

  • Mould-making is a speciality

  • Plug-making is a speciality

  • We're experienced in insurance/warranty work

  • Alterations are a speciality

  • We're proud of our gel coat re-surfacing skills

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